Where's my Paperwork?

Where's my Paperwork?
Where's my Paperwork?


In Ontario, students who have taken a CFSC/CRFSC Course and/or test will receive a stamped copy of their CFSC/CRFSC student report form from the FSESO administration office approximately 4-6 weeks from the date the paperwork is received in our office.  Please be advised that an instructor has 5 days to return the paperwork to us for processing and errors or incomplete information on your form or envelope will result in further delays.

The stamped CFSC/CRFSC course report will be required when you apply for your Possession and Acquisition Licence or your Minors Licence. If it has been more than six weeks since you took your course and/or test, and you have not received your paperwork, you may call 1-877-322-2345 ext 101. You will need the month, day and year of the course as well as the first and last name of your instructor/examiner in order for us to locate your paperwork.

If you completed the CFSC/CRFSC more than a year ago, please contact the
Chief Firearms Office at 1-800-731-4000 ext. 7503. 

If you took the CFSC/CRFSC in another province please contact the CFO of that Province for information on how to obtain copies of your CFSC/CRFSC student report forms.

Please format postal code as X1X-1X1
Please format phone number as 905-555-5555
Please format date as Day/Month/Year

Please remember to allow at least 2 weeks retrieval time for processing paper work. Thank you.

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The new study manual is available. It includes both the Canadian Firearm Safety Course and Canadian  Restricted Firearm Safety Course  material. 

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Each province has its own delivery method for the Canadian Firearms Safety Courses. In Ontario, each instructor / examiner delivers the course directly to the public.

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